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Hotel Nitra


Our hotel offers 160 beds and 30 extra beds. The rooms are organised in cells (or flats) of 2 rooms sharing one bathroom and WC (separate). All rooms provide a standard of its class and are furbished with Wi-Fi internet connection.

Complete price list and payment terms.


  • NONSTOP reception desk

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) internet

  • telephone

  • fax

  • photocopier

  • Money safe at reception

  • kiosk

  • laundry and ironing

  • VISA, MASTERCARD, Maestro payment cards accepted

Housing rules

  1. Only signed guest can be accomodated in the hotel. For this purpose, guest shall check-in at reception by a valid document (ID, passport or other).

  2. Hotel provides services in extent and quality set by legislation for accomodation facilities about accomodation categories.

  3. Hotel can, in extraordinary cases, offer the Guest other accomodation than agreed, unless it differs substantially from the one ordered.

  4. The Guest can check-in after 2pm on the day of arrival. The room is reserved until 7pm on this day. The Guest must meet these times to check-in, unless stated otherwise in the order. If the Guest fails to check-in in specified time, the room is freely at the disposal of the Hotel.

  5. The Guest shall check-out and leave the room until 10am on check-out day. If the Guest fails to do so, the Hotel has right to charge him prolongation of his stay, in accordance with current price list.

  6. If the Guest asks for prolongation of the stay, the Hotel is not obliged to offer him the same room.

  7. The Guest pays for accomodation and other services before checking-in, in accordance with current price list.

  8. We recommend the Guest to check status and functionality of appliances and accesories immediately after entering the room and inform the reception about possible breakdowns or imperfections.

  9. At the end of accomodation, the Guest shall hand the room over unharmed with all accesories and appliances. He shall turn-off water taps, close windows, front door, and return the key and borrowings at reception. Loss or other reason of not returning the key is punished by 5€.

  10. The Guest approves that his room can be entered by room service, servicemen or other personnel designated by Hotel manager, at any time of his stay.

  11. In the room and other premises of the Hotel, the Guest can not replace equipment of the room, making amendments or interfere in electric or other installation.

  12. Smoking in rooms and other indoor premises of the Hotel is prohibited. The Hotel is entitled to punish breach of this rule by a fine of 150 €. Compensation for damage claim is not affected hereby.

  13. The Guest is responsible for damages according to effective legislation.

  14. The Hotel is responsible for Guest´s money and valuables only if it has undertaken the responsibility, taking them into deposit money or valuables.

  15. Visits to Guest´s room shall be announced and approved of by Guest and reception.

  16. The Guest shall respect silent hours from 10pm to 6am.

  17. In all the Hotel premises i tis prohibited:

    • to damage Hotel possessions, manipulate with any technical or technological equipment or facilities and practice any activities which threaten safety of Hotel possessions or people staying at the Hotel 

    • to misbehave, conduct disorderily or in any other manner unacceptably (either in words or acts)

    • to smoke

    • to hold or take narcotics and other druds or prohibited materials

    • to enter the Hotel with living animals without a preceding reception or Hotel management approval

    • to bring in or keep objects threatening public safety, life or health of Hotel guests or staff

    • to use bicycles, skateboards, inline skates and similar means of transport

    • to organize and play hazardous games, distribute political leaflets

    • to operate with open fire withstanding necessary exceptions

    • to use any electric appliance (besides personal hygiene objects) without preceding written approval of Hotel manager

    • to leave or provide accomodation to persons who are not Hotel guests

    • to bring in guns and other dangerous objects

  18. In case of Housing Rules breach by Guest, the Hotel has right to terminate accomodation agreement before its expiration and charge the Guest a fine of 150€. Claim for damage compensation is not affected hereby.

These Housing Rules are in effect from 1st January 2010.